Red Town Trail Hike

This weekend, my friend Liz Parsons and her daughter Malia invited Hayden, Pemberley, our au pair Margarita, and me to go for a hike. Seeing how Pemberley is two, I was a little skeptical as to how this would go. But I decided sometimes I think the kids aren’t ready for something and we try it and I’m pleasantly surprised at how well they do. Worst thing that could happen is I get a huge workout by having to carry children back to the car. So off on a hike we went.
Liz picked a GREAT trail for us to try. It was close by, in Newcastle, so that’s always a bonus. The point of interest was that it has a waterfall.
We arrived at the trail and saw a guy coming with legs covered in mud warning us of all the mud ahead. Okay. This will be interesting. Pretty early in the hike, we saw the waterfall. So nice that it was early on so if we needed to turn around early, we wouldn’t miss it. We also saw a cave.
It was a pretty easy hike. Unfortunately, there was poison ivy. There also was tons and tons of mud, which I was fine with. A little mud never hurt anyone.
Both my kids started complaining about their feet hurting. So the hike ended prematurely. Yes, I did end up carrying Pemberley and Margarita carried Hayden for a bit. Sigh. But all in all, it was a prefect hike for little ones and I highly recommend it.

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