Rice Krispie Easter Treats

Hayden’s godmother, my goddaughter Presha, is in town from college. She had a brilliant idea for us to get together and make Rice Krispie Treats. I was thrilled because I recently picked up a great idea from Pinterest for Rice Krispie Treats for Easter. The picture was perfect! Looked so easy and beautiful. Surely not even I could mess this one up. And it is a project with Rice Krispie Treats, so what could be tastier? So anyway, the idea is you form the Rice Krispie mixture into eggs and decorate the eggs. The ones in the picture were so beautiful you almost wouldn’t want to eat them. I found two similar projects.

1) Jam the Rice Krispie mixture into those plastic Easter eggs. This will form the perfect egg shape. If I had just left them like this, they would have been picture perfect. I couldn’t do that—didn’t feel creative enough. My darn creative urges truly can be my best friend and worst enemy.

2) Form the Rice Krispie mixture into egg shapes with your hands. Make sure to “butter” your hands first. I sprayed them with Pam, and it worked well. I saw a picture with these eggs fully covered in chocolate. Seemed easy enough. I threw some chocolate chips in a mug and microwaved them. I then used a spoon to drizzle the chocolate over the eggs. It was too time consuming with a toddler to cover the eggs. So we just drizzled a little over the eggs for taste. We then brought out the sprinkles and frosting pens. The frosting pens in my opinion didn’t work well. You can probably tell from the picture. If I were to do them over again, I would probably skip the chocolate. I know, sacrilege. The sprinkles looked cute. Maybe keeping it simple with the sprinkles on the ones formed by hand and leaving the ones formed by the egg in the eggs. Fun to get to open them as you are ready to eat them. Or hide them on the big day as an alternative to stuffing the eggs with candy. This is a fun project, I have to say. Oh, please excuse Hayden’s attire in the pic; we are in potty-training mode. Happy Easter!


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