Rock Climbing at Two and Five? Seriously?

For some time, Hayden has been asking to go rock climbing. This weekend, I finally agreed. We went to an indoor climbing gym in Ballard called Vertical World.

We walked in and I seriously was astonished at the mass amount of little kids running around and climbing. They have an area for birthday parties. A bouldering area, which basically means they can climb with no ropes. Then they have the regular walls you might expect. Initially, Hayden got about four feet up on the wall and wanted down. He was afraid when belaying. I was so proud of him though as he pushed through it and kept trying. Pretty soon, he was literally climbing the whole wall and belaying down like a champ. He was so proud of himself, which was neat to see.

Pemberley is a little daredevil and wasn’t about to be left behind. She was determined to climb as well. With a little help from me, she loved climbing in the birthday party room.

I’m not sure what the secret ingredient was, but we all had an absolute blast. Hayden and Pemberley grew two inches with how proud they were. Standing so tall. Everyone couldn’t stop talking about what an amazing adventure it was. We can’t wait to go back again!

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