Have you checked out the Santa Train yet? It’s a fun outing—perfect for families with train-obsessed kids. This year it started in North Bend and went to Snoqualmie for an hour and then returned to North Bend.

When you arrive at the cute train station in North Bend, they have face painters there decking the kids’ cheeks out with snowflakes. While we were on the train, I think I recall a little music. I honestly think they could have done a much better job with the train ride. I was expecting great entertainment. Not sure why I had visions of the Polar Express train ride in my head with cocoa being served by tap-dancing waiters. When you arrive in Snoqualmie, you wait in a big line to see Santa and sit on his lap. Have your camera ready, because they don’t have a photographer. Next, you shuffle through a line to get hot cocoa and cookies. We spent the remaining time at the candy store in town, where we grabbed sandwiches to go for the ride home, which was perfect.

So I would say it’s a fun outing. Something different to do. Do I think I’ll do it next year? Hmmm, probably not. I did go with a great group of friends, so it was fun to be all together.

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