Snow Suit, Sweet Dreams

I bought a little snow snuggle sack by Carter’s at Target in anticipation of a winter vacation. Little did I know the sack would become more precious to me than gold.

While we were on this trip, I put her in the sack. Her crying that wouldn’t stop stopped. Not only did it stop, but she slept so long I had to check her over and over to make sure she was alive. I’ve never experienced her so happy and peaceful. From that day on, the biggest panic in our house is when the sack is in the laundry.

It is great because the suit is so thick she can’t move her arms all over the place. It acts like a swaddler. Throughout the night, she spits up over and over, and she would drench her swaddler blanket. I noticed that just one spit up, even a little one, would soak through her blanket and clothes. When changing her in the middle of the night one time, I noticed her shoulder was cold. I hadn’t noticed the little spit up on the swaddler. Basically, Pemberley was cold, poor thing. This sack is so thick that the little spit ups don’t soak through. Warm baby = happy baby. The other magical thing about it is there is a slit between the legs for a seatbelt. It keeps her so cozy in the car. I’m not saying she sleeps through the night every night or that she doesn’t ever cry. We definitely have a colicky baby, BUT she sleeps through the night sometimes now when she’s in the suit and she cries much less when in it. Now that I think of it, I need to buy a backup. This product is Pemberley and Mom approved!

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