Something Has Got to Give!

I’m writing this after a LONG night. I mean a night that is for the books. Pemberley is teething and was up nonstop, and Hayden decided 4 a.m. was a good time to wake up for the day. He desperately wants “his” baby once she is finally sleeping and runs into her room and starts putting toys in the crib. I wish I could say this kind of situation were rare.

When you reach the point of fatigue that I have, you realize change HAS to happen and immediately.

I’ve decided my first plan is to buy locks. If I’m awake and I don’t want Hayden bounding into Pemberley’s room, I need to be able to lock it from the outside. My plan is to buy eyelet locks to put up high on the outside of the door.

Now Hayden isn’t doing a great job staying in his room when he’s sent there for timeouts. My thought is, if he wants to leave his room during the timeout, I can lock the door.

Locks are a tricky thing, because you can’t lock a kid in his room while everyone is asleep because of fires. BUT they can be used as a tool to teach children to stay in their rooms (or, in Pemberley’s case, keep big brothers out during nap times).

Next on my list is sleep training. I’m going to get the locks going and then deal with the dreaded sleep training.


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