Stevia: If It’s Not in Your Kitchen, It Should Be

Most moms I know are constantly trying to cut down the sugar intake in their families. This is not always an easy task. When you start looking for a sugar substitute, it can be daunting. There is so much hype about the dangers of sugar substitutes that it leaves a mom wondering where to turn.

I worked with a naturopath to help me navigate Hayden’s dietary needs. She steered me toward liquid stevia.

What exactly is stevia? Stevia is a sweetener and sugar substitute made from the leaves of the stevia plant. We actually have a stevia plant growing in our garden. When you pick a leaf and chew it, it literally tastes like sugar.

Stevia actually has health benefits! It may lower blood sugar levels and help fight diabetes. Studies also show it can lower blood pressure.

In my kitchen, I use it mostly in drinks. When the kids aren’t getting enough water and are asking for juice, I throw a few drops of stevia in the glass and they think they are getting a treat. You have never seen water go down so fast. I have only tried the vanilla-flavored one but am super excited because I just came across a lot of other flavors. I ordered a bunch via Amazon Fresh today. I can’t wait to try them. There’s also a powder version for baking. Hope you love this as much as I do!

Flavor options are listed below. Click on the link, and it will take you to Amazon to get more info or order.

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