Strawberry Picking with Pemberley

It’s strawberry week at our house! Our first adventure for the week was to head out to the strawberry fields to pick berries. 

We ended up going to Harvold Farms in Carnation. I have been before with Hayden, when he was itty bitty. It is so beautiful out there. The drive alone is worth the trip. Pemberley and I had such a nice time picking the berries, and it was an inexpensive way to get a ton of berries. Since we are doing several projects, we needed a lot to work with. 

If I could redo this day, I would have:

  • Found a cute place to grab lunch out there so I could have had more time to enjoy the beautiful scenery. 
  • Put my foot down when Pemberley insisted on wearing a white dress and cute cloth shoes. (When you pick berries, you inevitably eat, spill, and step in the berries, which are RED and STAIN.) 😬 Confession time: Truth be told, I knew it was going to be a stain-stick kind of day, but she looked so cute I couldn’t say no. I’m a sucker for children in white clothes.
  • Brought sun hats.
  • Brought a better camera than my iPhone. 
  • Brought more than one bottle of water. It was a scorcher!  
  • Brought wipes to clean the berry off of, well, everything. 
  • Picked even more berries!  

We are having so much fun with all our berry projects.

Just go out there guys. Such a fun experience. You won’t regret it!



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