Sweet P Is Turning Three

IMG_9571Dear Pemberley,
It is so hard to believe my baby is turning three. I also can’t believe you have been in my life just three years. You are such a treasure to our family and to me. I absolutely love our time together. Your giggle is contagious. Your smile is absolutely beautiful. Your hugs are the best. When you wrap your little arms around me and hug me tight, the world stops for a minute and all is just right.

One of my favorite things about you right now is how much you love Dixie. You and Dixie run around all day giving each other kisses. I love that she will let you lie on top of her and mangle her. You guys just smile and she giggles and you just love on each other like crazy. It’s adorable. I love that you let her literally clean your face with her kisses. You just smile while she kisses away. The way you talk about her is so sweet. You say over and over how beautiful, cute, and big she is. You tell her you love her. I swear when you leave the house she gets super sad. IMG_9660Another relationship I love watching is yours and Hayden’s. You two hate being apart from each other. You will play whatever game he sends your way. Usually first thing in the morning, you are handed a sword. Next thing you know, my couch is torn apart and a fort has been built. Next you two are jumping all over the couch and ottoman until someone inevitably¬†gets hurt. You two will then run out the back door, usually missing a critical piece of clothing (or any clothing at all) and are digging in the mud. Rain or shine. Almost never does anyone have on shoes.

FullSizeRender (7)I cherish our time in the car together. We have our morning routine of dropping Hayden off at school where you insist on going and playing with the big kids. We then go grab coffee. Here you have made many friends and feel comfortable twirling for them, giving high-fives and singing “Let It Go.” Our morning drives are filled with great conversations, prayers, singing, and plenty of snacks. You recite the Lord’s Prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the days of the week in French, Spanish, and English. And count to twenty in those languages too. A lot happens in our car time. It is my favorite time of the day.

IMG_8058You and I from time to time sneak off for a manicure. You love getting to pick out your color and undoubtedly before the next morning all the polish on your nails is gone. I still don’t get how that happens.

You absolutely love swimming, ballet, and soccer and are super excited about learning to ski and play tennis with Hayden and me. You are strong, brave, and athletic. I can’t tell you that in ballet you are following the teacher or look super graceful, but man alive you have the biggest smile the entire time. I love seeing that big smile and watching you twirl. You are precious, my girl.

Pemberley, I also love your faith. I love how every night you ask to pray for Nanna and Baba.

Happy birthday, Pemberley. You are such a treasure to me. I love you more than I could ever express.


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