My Cancer Scare April 4, 2012

Posted by Paige Dunn | Mini Mom Adventure

This week I experienced practically every emotion known to man. I hope not to have a week like this again, or at least for a long, long time. It all started when I was watching TV and saw something about breast cancer. I thought to myself, When was the last time I did a self-exam? Hmmm, six months, maybe? I know—shame, shame, shame. So I went for it. To my surprise, I felt a lump. Oh, crap! No need to panic; stay calm. Ahhhh, what if it is cancer? No, don’t go there.

So then I grabbed my poor husband. “Feel that lump?” “Yes,” he said. “Go to the doctor tomorrow.” I didn’t sleep a wink that night. I came to the conclusion that, if it was in fact cancer, I would see it as an opportunity to grow. Many people get breast cancer, fight it, and are much stronger on the other end of the ordeal. I would use this as an opportunity to show people around me how to fight and be sick with grace. I would grow stronger in my relationship with God, family, and friends through this. I think I almost had myself convinced in the morning that getting cancer would somehow be a good thing. I would surely have the time to get caught up on all the movies I hadn’t seen since I had Hayden. Read Full Post