Holiday Traditions: Away in a Manger December 23, 2016

Posted by Paige Dunn | Family Celebrations

Some time ago, I read about this family tradition, and it stuck with me. The idea is to create a big, soft bed for baby Jesus. The family gets a manger or baby doll bed and some hay. In order to put a piece of straw in the bed, you have to do something nice for someone anonymously. The family got really into it. Nice little things were happening all over the house; relationships were growing stronger. The kids were learning how good it felt to give, to do for others even if they weren’t being praised. This is a big lesson. Then, on Christmas Eve, they put baby Jesus (or the raggedy doll) in its nice, soft bed made of straw—or all the wonderful deeds of kindness they had done throughout the season. I love this idea and can’t wait until Hayden is old enough to understand it. We will definitely adopt this creative tradition in our household. What neat traditions do you have in your family? Read Full Post

Whidbey Island | I’m in Love February 23, 2015

Posted by Paige Dunn | Mini Mom Adventure

I’ve been going to Whidbey Island all my life. You could say this place is a part of me. I grew up digging for clams and geoducks and chasing crab here. I’ve splashed in the tide pools, gone for long walks, and hunted for sand dollars here. I’ve roasted more s’mores than I care to admit. I’m excited to share this with H. So last weekend, we (H, my cousin Presha, and I) had an overnight at Jenne Farm. I always go to Whidbey just for the day, which has prevented me from getting to know the whole island. I had no idea it was so big. Anyway, I came across this amazing farm just outside Coupeville that rents out its farmhouse. I thought staying on a farm would be much more interesting than staying somewhere else. It was definitely the best call.

Jenne Farm is located on Ebey’s Landing, a stunning historical reserve. You see nothing but farms. Jenne’s Farm in particular has a hundred-year-old house with four bedrooms. Dark wood molding. All the conveniences of home in the kitchen and fresh eggs for cooking. H even got to collect some eggs from the coop; how cool is that? They also have a chest stocked with toys. The house has two bedrooms with queen-size beds and two with twin beds. There is also a daybed in its own nook in the master bedroom that could comfortably sleep someone. I could see this house being a perfect place for a holiday gathering, a book club getaway, or a vacation with another family. They host a ton of weddings. Anyway, I loved it. Read Full Post