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On my latest shopping trip, I stumbled upon tart cherry juice concentrate. I grabbed it to add to smoothies for a new taste. Little did I know I had just picked up something that would benefit the health of my family by a lot.

I added it to my smoothie this morning, and it made it taste like a milkshake. I add a ton of things to my smoothies, including beets and kale. They taste pretty good normally but not “oooh, so yummy” good. I also added some to H’s milk, and he loved it.

So, what does the tart cherry juice do for you?

It is a great sleep aid for children and adults because it contains natural melatonin. Obviously check with your pediatrician before giving it to your kids to find appropriate serving size. It is also great for arthritis and muscle pain. Researchers say it has the highest anti-inflammatory content of any food. Dr. Oz loves it for its powerful antioxidant properties and to fight heart disease. Many drink it for gout.

I bought it because it sounded tasty, but I drink it because it is great for me AND is delicious.

Do you drink tart cherry? Notice a difference? I would love to hear about it. Cheers!

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