The Best Hair Tie EVER!

My friend Amy Pomerantz came back from her trip to Europe with a gem! She discovered these hair ties that look like telephone wires. She mentioned that they worked really well.

I found them in a spa gift shop recently and decided to give them a try. This is definitely a case of “once you try the telephone wire, you will never go back.” My hair is thick. When I say thick, I mean I have to book time and a half when I get my hair done. Regular hair bands either don’t work because there’s so much hair or they ruin my hair because they break off the hair by holding it sooo tight.

Most people don’t have this problem, though. The thing I’ve heard that people with normal amounts of hair like about these bands is that they don’t leave a mark on their hair where the band was. I see a mark on my hair, but it’s less dramatic for sure. I’ve also heard people with sensitive heads rave about them not yanking on their hair and pulling it.

To sum it up, it seems regardless of your hair type, these are a favorite for everyone. I’m excited to buy more colors now that I see I can get a bundle of colors from Amazon.

I hope you like them!

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