Family Fun at The Breakers Resort

I hate to admit this, but I have left things behind in hotel rooms many times. Sometimes it was a kid item we didn’t need to haul home. Sometimes it was something of value.

Whatever it was, there was a panicked call to the hotel. Never—and I repeat never—had a hotel told me they had found the item until now. This was different, though. I didn’t know I had left anything behind until I got a call from the hotel security office telling me I had left my hair straightener.

So, let me backup and emphasize this: they called ME! This is completely on par with my entire experience at The Breakers hotel in Palm Beach.

Side note: I’m not being paid to write this and nobody knew I was going to be writing a review.

It was so beautiful there.

The Circle Room, where we ate breakfast each morning (we did the breakfast-included package—so worth it!) was painted by 62 painters, the server told me. The murals and chandelier are exquisite.

The painting on the ceiling of the lobby keeps you looking up. I couldn’t stop taking pictures. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a picture of a hotel lobby. The hotels I usually stay at are on an equal level in ratings.


Something I think is so exciting about this hotel is that it is so fancy yet sooooo kid friendly. Not sure how that’s even possible, but here they have mastered it.

There is an area of the resort that is made for families. It centers around a delicious Italian restaurant. My son ordered the spaghetti and meatballs. Probably the best spaghetti I’ve ever had. Now while waiting for our food, my kids had three options.

They could go to the outdoor play area, which is incredible and my kids wanted to spend time there every day. Or they could go to the indoor “toddler” play area or down the hall to the arcade.

Also right there is a kids’ camp. We did loops every day hitting all these spots.

They gave us free arcade cards when we checked in. Attached to the arcade are a couple TVs where you can play games like Hayden’s current obsession, Minecraft. The teens tend to take over this area. The arcade is big. There is something for everyone and all ages.

Oh, I forgot to mention that just outside there is also a sports court.

I’m not sure when the last time was that I sat at a meal with my kids and in a completely relaxed way drank a glass of wine. I didn’t need to entertain anyone, answer questions, or do anything but RELAX.

There is a shuttle that can take you to the golf and tennis center and steakhouse. I loved their 9:00 a.m. mixed doubles clinic!

We also ate at the steakhouse for lunch. I have to tell you I’m beyond impressed with the kids’ menu at each of their restaurants. They had the typical kid food but also real food on there like steak and snapper. My kids ate fish many of the days and it was never fried. They had grilled chicken, not chicken fingers. This made me sooooo happy.

One of the best things we did on this trip was the family golf. The three of us piled into our cart and headed out on such a great adventure.

At first it was completely out of control. I turned away from them to hit my ball. When I looked back they were basically rolling in the sand trap. After I raked that whole thing out, I looked up and they were climbing a tree. Oh my gosh. They were wildly hitting balls all over the place.

Then (totally my fault) our cart wouldn’t move. . . . Just when I thought we were going to need to end this crazy adventure, I told them we were going to take turns and use just one ball. From that point on, things weren’t crazy, they might have learned a few things, and we had an absolute blast.


We stayed on the course until they came and told us it was too dark to continue playing.

Our beach day was just so good. We had so much fun collecting shells, swimming in the waves, and making sand castles.

They have a rental station there where people rented SUPs, etc.My kids opted for an inner tube to ride the waves. They have chairs and umbrellas on the beach and they will set up your towel.

They also have drink service. Nice to have someone bring you something cold to drink.

I really appreciate it since my kids are too little to leave at the beach for any time at all. It seems small, but I was really thankful for that Diet Coke and water.

The pools were beautiful. One of my kids’ favorite thing to do on vacation is go swimming at night. Pemberley’s big wish was to watch the sunset from the hot tub. We did and it was beautiful and fun to have the whole pool/hot tub to ourselves.

Each day there was a party of some sort for the whole family. One night it was bingo. Another night was a moon party where they set up all these glow-in-the-dark activities. Outdoor movies,bouncy houses . . . non-stop fun. It was always tastefully done and the kids always had a fantastic time.

While it was a long way for us to go for a sun break. I have to say it was worth it and I want to take the kids back someday. Well done, Breakers. You are a treat to get to visit.



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