The doctor said to terminate. Is it the right call?

I went through a miscarriage some time ago. Here is the article, if you missed it. While going through it, the doctor said I could go ahead and have them terminate the pregnancy or I could let it pass on its own. I chose to let nature run its course, which took foreverrrrrrr. I went that route because I wanted to give God every opportunity to perform a miracle should that be his desire. Unfortunately, a miracle never happened.

I know someone who has been going through the same thing I did. The doctor told her she should just have them scrape everything out because it was an empty sack. Guess what? She waited two weeks and went to a different doctor. She is now eight weeks pregnant with a baby with a great-sounding heartbeat. Her husband had wanted her to wait and not have the procedure. She, however, was anxious to end it when the doctor said there was nothing there. I love this story for many reasons. One being that God really spoke through her husband. Two being that I prayed with this person’s sister for a miracle, and guess what? It was answered.

I can’t wait to meet this little miracle baby. I hope this little story finds its way into the right hands at just the right moment so maybe God will have another opportunity to bring another little miracle into some loving arms.

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