A splatter of red sprinkles, coconut-pineapple ice cream droplets, chocolate chips, blueberries, and shredded coconut covered our kitchen table the other night. Huge grins were worn by all three of us. The dogs were hovering, hoping for goodies to drop, and hoorays were to be heard over and over again. I looked around and took a mental picture. This is the “good stuff.” We were celebrating H’s first time going pee pee in the toilet. It was probably one of my favorite days as a mom.

I bought a toilet a while ago for H, not really knowing how I was supposed to introduce potty training. For some reason, that day when he asked for a treat, I told him he needed to go potty in the toilet if he wanted a special treat like that. It was a lollypop he had found, and it was close to dinnertime. To my surprise, he said, “Okay, I’ll go potty in the toilet.” We got him naked waist down and stood over the toilet for what seemed like forever. We sang a special potty song. Yes, I had time while waiting there to compose a potty song. We read some Dr. Seuss, ate some chicken, threw the ball for the dogs, and finally it happened. We jumped for joy, high-fived, and of course called Dada on the phone to tell him the good news. Then I let him choose a treat. After shoving a good eight ABC cookies down his throat, he decided to try for round two. By this time, Bubba was home and was singing the potty song and waiting for him to go. H got determined to show his dad; he did a really strange crouching/standing squat that looked so uncomfortable it hurt to watch, and made it happen. H was proud and we beamed.


H didn’t want to put his pants back on, so we had an ice cream party with a visitor from the nudist colony. H hummed the potty song while dumping red sprinkles in his dish and slurping down half of his ice cream—the other half finding its way to every surface in a five-foot radius.

Now, I have zero clue about potty training, no plan at all. No idea how this adventure will play out. However, I’m assuming it will have a happy ending with a child who uses a toilet. What I do know for certain is that life is so much better when you can pull yourself out of the rat race long enough to celebrate the good stuff.

  1. Mae says:

    First off everything anynoe has ever told me about pt is that boys take A LOT longer. Secondly Kailey is three and just now starting to really use the potty. Clint and I started threatening time outs for potting in her pants and that is finally what cured her of diapers. I was completely against the whole idea to begin with but it worked. We’ve gone an entire week with NO diapers. Kailey has no choice at this point. I signed her up for preschool in September and she HAS to be pt by then. My thoughts on it are this; Kids need/expect us to set the rule/standard/example if I let Kailey she would diapers all the time because it’s easier. I really think that at this age the diapers become a comfort, a security blanket of sorts. With Kailey the only way we have been able to accomplish getting rid of binkies and now diapers was one cold turkey and two force by time outs. It’s taken me a YEAR to get to this point, so no I don’t think you’re pushing to soon.

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