The Perfectly Arched Brow

In college, I started discovering the importance of arching brows and the difference it can make in someone’s appearance. I started doing my friends’ brows. It was more like I insisted. Forced might even be the right word. I was right, though. It really opens up the face. I may have been right about the concept back then, but boy, I had no business messing with people’s brows. I’m pretty sure this whole thing would happen after a long night of playing quarters, shots of Jager, and chasing boys. Luckily, I never had people coming to me pissed off the next morning.

When I moved to Los Angeles for acting, my manager really lectured me on the importance of good brows. She marched me to Damone Roberts, the brow king in Beverly Hills. Give him fifteen minutes of your time and you will leave there looking like a million bucks. Going to his shop is an experience. All they do there is brows. You most likely will see a celebrity coming or going, which can be fun. He sells great products. I love his brow gel and brow arch pencil highlighter. I know he also sells a product to stimulate hair growth for people with thin brows.

In Bellevue, the best I have found is Basilia (who is the best for facials as well) or Zeba at Gene Juarez. In Seattle, I like Anastasia at Nordstrom. They have a very precise way of doing brows. The Anastasia counter is in the cosmetic department. You literally are lying in a chair in the middle of the cosmetic area. They do a good job, though!

I guess the whole reason I’m sharing this is because it is really easy to become run-down mommy and let yourself go. Don’t do that. Having your brows done takes no time at all and makes such a big difference in your appearance. I get not having tons of time for this kind of stuff, so you need to pick and choose what you will do. I would put this near the top of the list. If you have a great brow place, please share it!

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