I have something to admit. Since Pemberley was born I basically stopped watching the news, reading the paper, or really following what was happening with the world. When I actually have a moment to watch TV, I don’t want to watch the news. I want to put on a great series and turn the world off for a moment.

This was working for me for a while. Well, until current events were coming up in conversation and I was getting uncomfortable with my smile and nod routine and not able to participate. I needed to make a change and reengage in the world but really didn’t want to forgo my series time.

I found a great great way to find out what’s going on with a fun spin that takes little time. It’s called The Skimm. I came across it because my friend Sarah Bruemmer was raving about it on Facebook. They basically follow everything happening in the world and in a cute way summarize it so you through them are skimming. I think it’s brilliant, and it’s so helpful to me. Happy skimming!

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