Tired Mom’s Luxury Hair Club

Before an event, it takes me minimum an hour and a half to do my hair. Have I mentioned I have an insane amount of hair? Anyway, I stumbled across this great blowout bar in Bellevue called Salon Maison. They offer blowouts and bubbly. They do makeup too. Right now they are starting a blowout club. It’s $99.00 a month for unlimited blowouts. I just signed up to treat myself. This for me feels like a total luxury. I’m actually in the chair writing this as I get a blowout. This place is super girly—chick flicks on the big screen, great music, pink champagne, and splashes of pink. I leave here relaxed, great scalp massages. Plus I get a ton done while in the chair. Powering through emails like nobody’s business. I think this club is going to be amazing for the holiday season!

I heard that Kate Middleton gets two blowouts a week. We all look at the magazines and wonder how they always look so good. I guess we can too! For me, at the end of the day, I’m covered in sticky finger marks. The blowout lasts at least three to four days for me, so even though I’m often feeling like run-down mommy, I feel better if my hair looks good. This is my first time doing this club. They have no idea I’m writing this, so it’s just my opinion without getting something in return.

We gotta find ways to feel good—tricks to look good with the tiny amount of time we have. Bring it, ladies. Bring your sexy back! For you! Don’t let yourself get to a place where you are looking/feeling like a shell of the hot woman you once were.


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