Traveling with a Newborn

Pemberley took her first flight when she was three weeks old. I was a bit anxious about flying with a baby that young. It went great, though. Here are some tips and ideas that worked well for us:

Pemberley and the pilot
  1. Remember that most airports have a family line so you can get through security faster.
  2. The well-packed diaper bag is essential. In it, I put diapers and wipes, of course. I also keep a few pacifiers in a plastic bag. The plastic bag is important because little fuzzies and dirt love to cling to the pacifiers and, since newborns can’t remove that from their own mouths, you could end up with a fussy baby and no clue why. I typically dip a pacifier in water to remove any fuzzies before putting it in her mouth.
  3. I also carry disposable bags for dirty diapers and soiled clothes.
  4. Definitely bring a couple baby outfits. It’s amazing how fast they go through them.
  5. I keep a bib on her so hopefully spit-ups won’t make their way past the bib.
  6. Bring a scarf for easy cover-up for yourself in case spit-up makes its way to your shirt.
  7. Don’t forget a couple spit-up rags.
  8. I bring a very thick hooded bunting to keep her warm. Remember, it gets cold on the plane and babies don’t have the padding we do. Keeping them warm can definitely help keep fussing at bay.
  9. I like to wear a cozy cape I can easily slide her under for breastfeeding.
  10. Remember to breastfeed during takeoff and landing to keep their ears open. The key is to time feedings so they are hungry during that time. Otherwise, have a pacifier handy. Typically, Pemberley falls asleep while nursing. I keep her under my cape where it is warm and dark. Even if she isn’t asleep, she likes it under there where there is less stimulation.
  11. If you use formula, remember to get water before boarding the plane so you are set for takeoff feeding.
  12. I pack my purse and put my wallet in the diaper bag. I am juggling so many things; at least this cuts down on the number of bags I’m carrying.
  13. I find it easiest to check the car seat and stroller at the gate. This way I don’t need to worry about them accidentally ending up on another flight. Also, if I get delayed, I have the option of baby-free hands.
  14. For traveling, I like the Snap-N-Go Stroller where the car seat snaps into this super lightweight-frame stroller.
  15. Make sure to have plenty of hand sanitizer. You don’t want more germs than you can help getting on baby.
  16. Great news for you is baby gear is free to check. So, if you want to bring a Pack ‘n Play, it’s free! But make sure to check that with your airline, because it seems like the rules are always changing.
  17. I always bring a copy of her birth certificate. I believe this is required until the age you buy their own seats. I have never been asked for it, though.
  18. Most cities have baby rentals that will deliver toys, highchairs, etc. to wherever you are staying.
  19. Many hotels have recommended babysitters. Might be nice to treat yourself to a baby-free dinner or massage.
  20. Have a great trip, and safe travels!

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