Treasures in Heaven

Lately, H and I have been talking a lot about heaven. I explained to him that every time Jesus sees him doing a good deed, he gets him treasure in heaven. At his age, I believe the greatest treasure is toys. So when I see him being extra sweet to Pemberley or our dog Dixie, I tell him he probably just got a little treasure in his treasure box in heaven. I explained that, when he goes to heaven, Jesus will give him all his treasures.

Yesterday we were talking in the car and he said, “Mamma, we have to go to the airport so we can go see Jesus in heaven and get the treasure.” I explained that we don’t go to the airport and that we go to heaven when Jesus calls us. He said he was ready to go now. I was so glad we had this talk in the car so he couldn’t see my tears being choked back. He wants us to go together, at the same time. I explained that we never know when we will be called, but because I’m older, I will probably go first. I explained that, when he goes to heaven, he will shut his eyes and, when he opens them, Jesus will be holding his hand and he will see all his friends. We talked about the applause in heaven. When you get there, you are greeted by all the people you know, and they applaud you for your life well done. H said he wanted to go to heaven but asked, since I will be there first, if I could ask the people not to clap for him. I promise H; I’ll tell them.

I share this with you because it was such a precious conversation. Also, I really think it’s important to share your beliefs with your children.

There is a great book called Heaven that I received at a funeral. It answers in such great detail what the Bible says heaven will be like. I love this book. There is also a booklet version that is perfect for giving to people who just lost someone or who may be preparing to die. Happy treasure hunting, everyone. Hope you are building yourself huge mansions in heaven.

  1. Peggy Fowler says:

    This is such a beautiful story of love. You are a wonderful mom to share your belief with your children. How reassuring for H–maybe too reassuring that he wants to go NOW. (very cute). Not aware of this wonderful site until your FB post today. I have a close friend who’s sister in law just died this morning. I may try to find your “Heaven” book for her. BTW, my friend is Shelly, who Reagan knew when he worked for me. Thanks for sharing your loving story.

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