Welcome to the Neighborhood

I have exciting news to share, I’ve moved! I’m finally in my new home and loving my blank canvas I get to work with. Picking out paint color and planning the garden is so much fun.

Finding the charming intricacies of a different neighborhood is such a joy.

Meeting the neighbors and seeing another way of life is exhilarating.

I do however look back at my old neighborhood with a little teardrop.

It was my home where I set up Pemberley’s nursery, the kids learned to swim, ride bikes, Hayden lost his first tooth.

I decked the house for Christmas, played tooth fairy and decorated for every holiday imaginable.

Pemberley learned to walk, we had lemonade stands, learned to ride bikes, built forts and experimented in the kitchen.

We had girls’ nights, fundraisers, birthday parties, dinner parties, Halloween parties and intimate time as a family. We danced, prayed and played in our home.

We spent tons of time in our garden planting, harvesting and just laying back and watching the clouds. We had picnics in the grass, popsicles on the patio and barbecues with friends and family.

It really was the perfect neighborhood. There are over two hundred kids in my old hood, Newport Shores.

You would see them in little clans riding their bikes and meeting at the clubhouse, yes, there’s a clubhouse, for swimming, Tennis, basketball or volleyball.

It is possibly the most social neighborhood I’ve ever seen. Parties for every holiday, ladies wine night, men’s poker, swim team…It’s a boating community and there are parties in the canals. It is so unique and special. It was my first time living on the water and it was heavenly.


Life on the canal was super special. Families were meeting up to paddle board together, go fishing or boating. I loved my quiet time on the porch looking at the sunset looking at the water.

I had so many parties and celebrations at the house where the guests ended up out in kayaks, swimming, and paddle boarding.

I also loved the neighborhood garage sale that took place every year. I’m pretty sure most of our bikes came from the sales.


I’ve been told my house is “the happy house”, a home where people feel healing while they visit, the best house in the neighborhood and on and on. Friends and family were sad to hear we had moved because they loved visiting.

Sigh, hard to say goodbye to my super charming Nantucket style home, wonderful neighbors and neighborhood. It was a great chapter I will look back at with the fondest of memories. That being said, my home is officially for sale. It really is special…