You Are Your Child’s Advocate

In a recent conversation with my wise-beyond-her-years cousin, Allison Nolan, she shared a phrase that has stuck with me: “We are our children’s advocates.”

Allison said that, when our three-year-old boys are acting their age and someone gives them the stink eye, it is our job to remember that they are three and little boys. Not to say that awful behavior should be condoned, but at the same time, don’t scold your child because someone else is disapproving. My thought is, stick with your discipline plan, whatever that might be. We know our children and the situations they find themselves in better than judging onlookers do.

A recent situation where I failed to be my child’s voice and advocate left me feeling guilty. I was early to meet my son and husband at a Chinese restaurant, so I wandered into a foot rub salon next door with Pemberley. The ladies went crazy over Pemberley, desperately wanting to hold and play with her. I thought, Perfect. I can relax and get a foot massage. A couple minutes into the massage, I could tell Pemberley wasn’t loving these ladies. They would give her kisses, too, which made me uncomfortable. The second I could tell she wasn’t enjoying herself, I should have asked for her back. Instead, I sat another five minutes trying to be polite. Why was I concerned with hurting their feelings and ending the massage and leaving? I would never see these people again. I wasn’t enjoying the massage anyway because I was too concerned for Pemberley. She wasn’t crying or in pain, but she was uncomfortable with the situation as much as I was. My point is, sometimes I need to forget the people pleasing and remember that I am my children’s voice and protector. And that is all I have to say about that!


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