After baby number two, eight months of no sleep, and all things super unsexy that go along with that, I was unsure of my photographer friend Natalie Wallace’s offer to do a photo shoot, but I quickly said yes!

Inside I was kind of dying with a secret belief that these pictures would be very uncute. I ran the scenario through my head. She takes pictures, hides them from me, and edits like crazy to show me something halfway nice. But here’s what happened in reality.

I woke up that morning after a looooong night with Pemberley waking up literally every hour, thinking, “Oh, no! The photo shoot!” I was sure I would have bags under my bright red eyes and look like I had just been up all night. I grabbed a few dresses out of the closet and a couple pairs of shoes and bolted with a dog and two crying kids in the car. After dropping everyone off to their safe havens, I arrived at the Zhush Portrait Studio.

I was greeted by a beautiful makeup artist who quickly made me forget the craziness that was my reality minutes before. I was offered wine, fancy coffee, candy, snacks . . . I picked the fancy coffee drink, in desperate need of something to keep my eyes open. I settled into the makeup chair and watched as the artist turned me into something quite different from the frazzled mom I felt I was. Soon, memories from my old modeling days returned, and I couldn’t wait to get in front of the camera.

Natalie is so sweet; she makes you feel like America’s Next Top Model. I had so much fun trying different poses. I seriously had a blast. I was energized. I felt beautiful. I felt like something in me returned that had disappeared for a while. A flame was relit. I found a bit of myself that was in hiding. I left there a woman. A beautiful woman worthy of holding her head up high. Really high.

Zhush Portrait is located in Issaquah, Washington, in a trendy little space just off the beaten path of Front Street and Old Issaquah. Sessions include ninety minutes of professional hair and makeup, followed by wardrobe styling assistance and a ninety-minute expert model-style shoot. Don’t consider yourself a model? No problem! Natalie will expertly pose you to accentuate your strengths, diminish your weaknesses, and help you look your most beautiful! All of the final images are hand perfected and offered for purchase in various packages—pressure free!

Treat yourself! This is as young as any of us will ever be. You don’t have to wait until you “lose those ten pounds.” Memorialize yourself now before the time keeps slipping away. Just go in and experience this personalized pampering session. The images are delivered in a beautiful keepsake box with a magnetic closure and a pull ribbon and are printed on thick gallery paper that won’t fade, crease, or bend. She also provides everything you purchase on a CD for unlimited digital use. Win, win!

Check out Zhush Portrait on Facebook to see before and after images of real clients and to view the many sample images and videos of portrait sessions. You won’t regret it! I wish I had done this sooner.

Here’s great news! Natalie has offered to do a special giveaway through Mom Around Town. Zhush is offering a gift voucher worth $500 that includes ninety minutes professional hair and makeup, a ninety-minute shoot, and $100 toward an image order. Leave a comment below to enter, and like Zhush Portrait on Facebook to enter a second time. I will pick a winner at random next Monday, September 16.

  1. Kelly Stinson says:

    Every mom has beauty inside. Paige I love that you reminded me of this. We as moms so often forget to take care of ourselves, to show our kids our beauty and really love the body that is “now” not what was before…

  2. Amy Pomerantz says:

    Paige, you look gorgeous as always! I want to get my mom to do something like this. She need some great professional pictures after all of that weight she has lost!

  3. Bridget Coon says:

    You and Natalie- beautiful women making beautiful things happen! I noticed your post last week, but I just read it — after having a particularly unpretty morning – there were even tears…and not the 1 year old’s! Great words for me to read today!

  4. Kim Werdel says:

    Beautiful photographs, Paige! I liked this on Facebook also and would love to try it out…this tired mama needs to feel pretty again. 🙂

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