100 Best Sites for Pregnancy and Parenting

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From wondering if you’ll be a good parent, to anxiety over your children’s health, education, and safety, being an expectant mother can be daunting. Luckily, many mothers have taken to the internet to share their parenting experiences and tips with other parents. It’s a community that has popped up online over the past decade, and a source of comfort and camaraderie for many parents. Topics include budgeting, vacation planning, arts and crafts, parenting styles, funny family stories, recipes, and many more.

Since Online Ultrasound School.com creates content for prospective ultrasound students and expectant mothers, we’ve developed a list of 100 blogs and websites that we feel are very useful to mothers and expectant mothers. Entitled 100 Best Sites for Pregnancy and Parenting, the list includes parenting sites in five categories: pregnancy, infant, toddler, adolescent/teenager, and general parenting. Considering factors such as reputation in the parenting blog community, traffic, readership, content quality and peer recommendations, we’ve narrowed the list for 2012 to 100. Although we have organized the list by category, it is not offered in order of rank.

One of the most transitional periods in a women’s life is when she becomes pregnant. There are lots of changes that come with becoming pregnant, and it’s comforting to know that there are plenty of other mothers in the same position. Below you will find multiple blogs for mothers who are expecting.

  1. Thrifty Nifty Mommy shares how she finds fabulous deals and how you can too!

  2. Love.Baby.Life. is a blog created by a new-time mom who chronicles her experiences with her toddler.

  3. Fit Pregnancy and Parenting is a blog all about staying throughout your pregnancy and as a new mother.

  4. Online Mummy offers a little bit of everything from pregnancy to motherhood and even information for dads too!

  5. Happy Mother’s Diary is a blog dedicated to the prior and post experiences of pregnancy and having a baby.

Nothing is more fulfilling in life than becoming a parent. And no one is truly prepared for the up-all-nighters, uncontrollable crying fits, or the overwhelming joy one has when you have a newborn. Luckily, you’re not alone – there are other parents who need a little help and guidance when it comes to having a baby. Listed below are several blogs for parents with

  1. Cool Baby Kid shares cool ideas and products for parents, babies, and kids.

  2. Dirty Diaper Laundry is a blog for new moms who prefer cloth diapers, and it’s full of articles, videos, and review.

  3. Zen Mommyhood is a blog all about helping new moms find balance among the chaos of having newborns.

  4. Evolutionary Parenting is a blog that shares various tips and advice on baby wearing, birthing, breastfeeding, and evolutionary parenting.

  5. Poop Pee Puke is a blog that shares encouragement with other moms to stay glamorous despite the mess of having kids.

  6. McKinney Mommas is a blog all about family and pregnancy that also offers related product reviews, giveaways, and kid-friendly activities for moms and families.

  7. Two In Diapers provides a humorous touch on one mother’s experience of raising two toddlers.

  8. Mama 2 Multiples is a blog that shares experiences and stories of raising twin toddlers and a newborn.

  9. The Crunchy Wife inspires other moms to go green and how to make simple lifestyle changes to make going green easy!

  10. These Four No More shares life’s unexpected pleasures, hardships, and the joy of raising a newborn.

  11. Oh, My Stars is a blog about the adventures of a mom and her two daughters.

  12. Modern Mommyhood provides a space for moms to connect with one another, share advice, and be supportive of one another.

  13. Before choosing to stay home with her 3 young boys and begin to blog, mom Emilie, worked in finance. On her blog, you’ll find information about parenting, traveling, recipes, crafts, and other helpful information.

  14. Described as a less serious look at parenting, Mom of the Year offers quick, relatable laughs for fellow parents of the world and all their empathizers.

“Terrible twos” and “Toddler terror” are just a couple of endearing phrases that people refer to when speaking of the ages from 1-5. Kids at this age are just starting to get to know their surroundings, being able to use their senses, so it’s a whole new world for these little ones. Listed below are several blogs that offer advice on raising a toddler.

  1. Dagmar makes sense of motherhood and attachment parenting, and provides natural birth and breastfeeding support information and resources.

  2. Mommy with Selective Memory provides projects and ideas to help you help your kids learn in different and fun ways.

  3. PYJammy’s Triplets shares the crazy and wonderful experiences of raising identical triplets.

  4. WerdYab is a blog where you can find random and helpful posts regarding family, motherhood, and life.

  5. JDaniel4’s Mom is a blog about learning, laughing, listening, and living through motherhood.

  6. Mama Dweeb shares tips and ideas about family, parenting, and products.

  7. The Not-So-Blog’s Experimental Mommy provides suggestions and reviews on the hottest mommy items that make your life easier!

  8. Life As We Know It provides a humorous spin to the joys of motherhood.

  9. Parents Need to Eat Too is a blog that centers around recipes and tips for parents to keep healthy and fit because sometimes parents forget that they need to eat too!

  10. The Life of Jennifer Dawn is a blog about a mother raising toddlers while she shares little snapshots of her life and family, as well as crafts, sewing projects, and recipes.

  11. So says Sarah…is a blog about the daily adventures of mother with a toddler.

  12. This Little Blog of Mine shares the experiences of adoption and being a new mother.

  13. Kiddos and Pups is a blog for moms and dads about one mother’s own experiences of raising 4 young kids.

  14. Mommy of Two Little Monkeys allows moms and other bloggers to share their frustrations and joys of being a parent and sharing their stories.

  15. Little Sketchers is a site that provides ideas and projects for parents to help their kids find their inner artist.

  16. One Happy Mama gives inspiration and encouragement for other moms who have new borns and toddlers.

  17. Mommy Adventures chronicles the experiences and embarrassing moments of one mommy’s adventures of raising a toddler.

  18. Two Mommies are Better Than One is a blog that takes a look into the life of a family with two mothers as well as baby news and preparation.

  19. My Twintastic Life shares one mom’s experiences of raising twin toddlers.

  20. Two of a Kind Working on a Full House provides posts and advice on raising two toddlers and a newborn.

  21. Break For Moms is a blog written by a mother of two toddlers who likes to share her experiences and connect with other mothers.

  22. Bumber’s Bumblings offers various posts and advice on parenting and adoption.

  23. CampClem provides posts on parenting, motherhood, marriage, and DIY projects.

  24. The Outlaw Mom offers advice and reviews on parenting, crafting, and discovering the laws of motherhood!

  25. Superfluos is a random fun blog that provides posts on love, crafts, DIY projects, baking/cooking, decorating, and being a wife and mom.

  26. Rockabye Butterfly is a blog that offers random and humorous posts on parenting, crafts, homeschooling, and being a mom.

  27. Jolly Mom is a blog by a mother who enjoys posting about raising her child so she can connect with other moms.

  28. Mom Fuse was created by moms, for moms. A resource created by 29-year-old mother of twins, the site features recipes, provides honest product reviews, and hosts giveaways.

  29. Green mama, Marianna lives in Connecticut with her husband and their 4 sons ranging from ages 6 to 2.

  30. Blog founder and editor Irene Hoofs lives with her husband and two sons in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia .

  31. Welcome to Mommy Coddle where Molly Balint writes about life alongside her husband, raising four little girls in a fixer-upper farmhouse in rural Maryland.

  32. New mom, Danny writes from Arizona about her adventures as a first-time parent. She’s also a crafting fanatic.

  33. Meet Becky, a slightly neurotic (and hilarious) first time mom as she shares her adventures in pregnancy and parenting with us all.

  34. Described as not your mother’s motherhood, this blogger and stay-at-home mother of two boys, lives in the suburbs of CT. She used to spend her days smoking cigarettes in NY thinking about which shoe she was going to buy next. Now she wears flip-flops year round.

  35. From the suburbs of Indiana, Nicole Shaw blogs about life with 4 children as a stay-at-home-mom and wife.

  36. Indiana-based, 24-year-old mother, Jacklynn blogs about her one year old daughter, Norah and her family and parenting tips.

Being a parent to a teenager can be a very trying experience. However, your little girl or boy is going to grow up regardless, so you might as well prepare yourself for the teen years. It’s a unique time to see your little ones grow into a young adult. You can find other parents who share your experiences listed in the following blogs.

  1. What’s That Smell? is a blog written by a mother who writes about her two children, stories, achievements, and photos of her life and family.

  2. The Thoughtful Parent is a blog about research-based child development information for parents.

  3. Life With Quads share the experiences and stories of raising 13-year-old quadruplets.

  4. The Grommom is a blog created by a mother living in Hawaii and her experiences raising her boys and living the island life.

  5. On this site you’ll find a little bit of everything. Partially deals, part parenting blog, part life blog, there is truly something for everyone.

  6. With five children, ages 10, 16, 19, 25, & 27, you could call Glenda Embree “super mom”. A twenty-two-year homeschool veteran with a passion for family, abundant living on a limited income and cooking, baking and recipes, and cooking, and creativity in the kitchen, Embree shares her experience with her readers.

  7. Busy mom of four boys ages 12, 10, 8 and 6, blogs to interact with other moms and share the joys and trials of parenthood with a humorous twist.

  8. Diane Reiter is the mother of teenagers and a freelance writer. She writes about what happens when little children creep higher and higher into those double-digit years.

  9. Vanessa Van Petten is a CNN columnist, winner of the Mom’s Choice Award, and an author with Penguin Books. She’s an expert on family relationships, teen lifestyles, and many other issues pertaining to Gen Y

  10. Tiffani Goff at Home chronicles the adventures of raising her teen girls.

  11. A Happy Hippy Mom is a blog where you will find a mixture of green and regular reviews, giveaways, recipes, frugal tips, interesting news, entertainment, and personal rants and raves.

  12. Dysfunctional Dose is a blog created by a mother who was a teen mom, and now a mother to a teenager, toddler and a child with special needs.

Babies don’t come with a how-to manual, and there is no right or wrong when it comes to raising kids. When it comes to parenting, there is a lot of trial and error. There are many blogs that are available for support and used as a valuable resource for parents. Below you will find various general parenting blogs.

  1. Picasso’s Basement shares the experiences and ongoing story about a multitasking art instructor and some incredible kids!

  2. Family Focus Blog is written by a Nashville mom who reports on parenting, family fun, going green, food, travel, giveaways, and DIY.

  3. Mommy Hot Spot is a site that helps connect moms with other moms to help share ideas and advice.

  4. Hot Mess Mom shares the stories and experiences of raising three boys and the joys that come with motherhood.

  5. The Inklings of Life is a blog about the colorful chaos that comes with motherhood.

  6. Holy Craft is a blog created by a mom in hopes to share ideas with and inspire other moms who enjoy sewing and crafting.

  7. 2 Wired 2 Tired is a blog about family, life, food, tech, and travel.

  8. The Mommy-Files shares all types of information from product review and giveaways to advice on pregnancy and surrogacy.

  9. Our Kids Mom shares experiences and stories as a mother of four kids.

  10. Life Made Lovely shares all the wonderful, heartfelt, heartache, and amazing experiences that comes with being a mom.

  11. The Healthy Mom shares healthy lifestyle tips for other moms who are busy raising adolescents.

  12. The Gold Jellybean is a blog that helps inspire DIY parents who have creative kids and an eye for design.

  13. Open Hands provides tips and advice on parenting, DIY, recipes, and offers giveaways!

  14. The Cookie-A-Day Challenge offers inspiration on setting goals as well as ideas for crafts, adolescent, and toddler activity projects and cookie recipes!

  15. Censational Girl is a blog created by a mother of three who shares DIY projects, bargains, and design ideas.

  16. Paint Cut Paste is a blog created by a mother and an art therapist who shares different ways to interact and communicate to children through art.

  17. Teaching Stars is a blog dedicated to providing lesson plans and advice for parents who home school.

  18. Make that 6 of My Own offers advice and stories of one mother’s journey of adoption and raising a blended family.

  19. You Know It Happens At Your House Too dishes a dose of reality to all parents raising kids, and offers helpful posts to find balance in your household.

  20. Pink Dryer Lint shares the ordinary moments in motherhood and life.

  21. Peanut Butter Hair is a blog about one mom’s experience of raising three boys and one girl of the ages 3, 5, 7, and 8.

  22. Happily Blended is a blog created by a mother of three who hopes to promote positive thinking when it comes to parenting.

  23. Simply Being Mommy offers advice, reviews, and giveaways regarding anything from parenting, family, pregnancy, and surrogacy.

  24. Welcome to the Motherhood chronicles one mother’s experiences, adventures, foibles, and victories as a mom.

  25. Inner Child Fun shares the magical moments of raising kids, and other resources for parents.

  26. Pink and Green Mama is a blog created by a crafty momma and she shares her ideas and inspiration of being a mom.

  27. Toys in the Dryer provides ideas for living in the moment with your kids.

  28. Blogger, Christine, has seven very active children, all ages 11 and under with her husband, Ray. She shares about her life with little ones, offers advice and encouragement, and writes her thoughts and opinions on products that make family life fun.

  29. Kailani has been a Hawaiian Mommy Blogger since 2006 sharing product reviews, giveaways, local family friendly events, parenting resources, and her life as she raises 3 young girls with her husband.

  30. The goal of Trisha’s blog is to not only connect with readers through personal and parenting stories, but to assist new bloggers in launching their blog.

  31. Annalea, mother of 3, candidly shares her life experiences with her readers.

  32. Narelle is an engineer turned homemaker and mother. The purpose of Cook Clean Craft is to provide tools for the modern domestic engineer: recipes, cleaning and organization tips, and craft tutorials.

  33. Libby is a mother, wife, and high school teacher in the Midwest. Follow along with her as she shares parenting stories, reviews products, and offers some giveaways too!

With all of the fantastic resources for parents available, it was difficult to narrow the list to 100. So difficult in fact, that we decided to add an Honorable Mention section to include a few other blogs that deserved recognition this year.

  1. A onetime Hollywood actress turned mommy blogger shares stories from her life of motherhood along with her politician husband and outdoors-loving children.

  2. This prolific blogger shares her thoughts and advice on how different breakthroughs in technology have helped shape her life with her husband and children .

  3. This mommy blogger shares resources and advice on life while having children along with recommendations for products that can help with your early stages of mommyhood

  4. Nurse Mommy Laughs provides a funny look at parenting, children’s health, and the family experience.

  5. 31 year old Mommy with issues, Sharon writes about her, her friends, her family, her past, and her future.

  6. Stay at home mother, Shannon, is expecting baby #2. On her blog, she shares her family memories.

  7. Self-proclaimed “gay fairy tale for the digital age,” Mondays with Mac follows mom Kristin and her partner as they raise their almost one-year-old son, Mac.

  8. PhD in Parenting is a blog dedicated to addressing issues and struggles that parents may have, and provide them an outlet to connect with one another.

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