Celebrating Memorial Day with Kids

imagejpeg_0This morning I asked a friend, Liz Palmer, what she did over the weekend. The story started out like the typical single mom frustration story. She was dealing with a moth infestation in her kitchen. Now I have dealt with this in the past, and it is awful to deal with. She went on to tell me about all the neat things she did with her daughter. Cool, I thought. Sounds like it was pretty fun. But what she shared with me about her Memorial Day blew me away. There are so many ways she could have spent her time and money that day. She chose however to go buy flowers and take them with her daughter to a random cemetery and place¬†them on the graves of fallen soldiers. She told me she could have just told her daughter about the holiday and what it means but that she knew that taking her time and resources to show thanks and respect would be a stronger way of showing her daughter. I love that I know people who do amazing things like this. I’m thankful for Liz and what a great example she is to me and what a remarkable role model she is for her daughter. Way to go, Liz. You are rocking this whole motherhood thing!


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