Hot Yoga, I’m Really Digging You!

I never had ANY desire to try yoga. I would literally think people were a little off when they told me they liked hot yoga. Why would anyone seriously like doing that?

I recently had two people challenge me to try it. I decided since I’ve been doing normal yoga for a few months it might not kill me to try something once. Besides, if I didn’t like it, I could just walk out.

When I checked in, they told me my goal for the first class was to stay in the room the whole time. If I actually worked out, that was a bonus. They said to take breaks. I was super nervous that first time. Would I be able to stay in the class? Could I keep up with these crazy hot yoga people?

The first class I did stay in the room the whole time. I took a few little breaks. A few poses I couldn’t do because of bad knees, so it was the perfect chance to sit and grab water. All in all, I did pretty well. I walked out of the class really proud of myself. It felt like a big accomplishment. Now, here is the part that took me by surprise: I couldn’t wait to go back.

The next time I went, I was surprised when the class was over. So soon? I could have gone longer! All was going well with my hot yoga practice until I decided to do two days in a row. It was too much for my body. I kept feeling like I was going to pass out the rest of the day. I just felt off. So for now until I’m a bit more seasoned in this, I’m not going to be going two days in a row.

The place I am going to is called Hot Yoga Inc. They have this amazing deal when you sign up. It’s ten dollars for ten classes. Just enough classes to get you hooked. I’m still in my ten for ten; that’s how new I am.

The whole reason I started practicing yoga was because my physical therapist made me. I hated yoga and kind of hated him for making me go. Since I started doing yoga a few months ago, I’ve noticed my knees hurting less. My back hurts less. Since starting the hot yoga, I’ve noticed my skin looks better. Pores unclogged, kind of strange. I had read that it detoxes the skin, so I guess it makes sense. You sweat in this class, and I mean a lot. I’ve never in my life sweat like that. It’s relaxing somehow. You finish the practice with the same kind of feeling you get after a nap. It’s peaceful.

I was very well prepped by my two friends. I had two bottles of water filled with ice. I bought Nuun tablets for electrolytes to put in my drinks. I had my yoga mat and a towel. I wore short shorts and a tank top over a sports bra. I lost the tank top about two seconds into the workout. I also chugged a bottle of water before the class started.

I find myself thinking about hot yoga, kind of craving it. Looking forward to the next time I get to go. I never in a million years would have guessed I would say those words. Well, I’m always telling my kids it’s good to try new things. Glad I took my own advice.


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