Last week, Hayden had his first ski lesson. Apparently, he started getting tired halfway through it, so the instructor decided it was time for a hot chocolate break. When he got the hot chocolate, he complained that there was no whipped cream. I was surprised because we don’t have whipped cream at home. Anyway, point is the instructor said to him, “Hayden, you need to just say thank you.” Typically he’s really good about please and thank you. This time, he looked at the floor and mumbled a thank you. The instructor wasn’t satisfied; he said, “No, you look me in the eyes and say it.” Hooray for the instructor! I hadn’t even thought about it before that I was sometimes letting him get away with mumbling it while looking at the ground. Funny how it can take a stranger to see behavior in our children that needs to change. Well, they say it takes a village.

Some people get really upset when someone corrects their children. I am soooo all for it. I think it’s a great way for kids to learn what’s acceptable in society. This is how they learn that it isn’t just Mom and Dad who aren’t okay with some behavior; the rest of the world isn’t either. Since then, I’ve made a big fuss over him needing him to look me in the eyes and say thank you loud and clear. Each time I make this correction, I think thank you to the great ski instructor who put his foot down.


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