Me and my NikeFuel

For those of you who have never heard about a Nike+ FuelBand, let me fill you in. I too was late to learn about this great invention. It’s a bracelet that tracks how many calories I burn, how many steps I take, the amount of “fuel” earned, and the time. There is a website you sync to and use to set goals. You can also add friends so you can see their progress and compete.

My parents and many of my friends have them. We love to chat at the end of the day asking how many steps we have taken. I watch it throughout the day to monitor how active I have or haven’t been. It really encourages me to take the stairs, go for a walk, etc. I really think it has helped me with dropping baby weight. It is one of those products I’m pumped about and believe is worth every penny. I would say though that I chose the wrong color. I got white. It looks dirty, kind of ugly, but I still wear it everywhere and every day. They have charcoal and black. I recommend the black. If you don’t have one, get one and get movin’. I promise you will love it..

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