What Are You Wearing to Bed?

This question is for those moms feeling like Run-Down Mommy. A while ago, I splurged on a Natori nightgown I found on sale. I was in the process of getting rid of the baby weight and was not feeling my prettiest. I was looking for a nightgown that worked well with breastfeeding when I was pointed in the direction of this beautiful nightgown by a woman working the nightgown section at Nordies. The second I touched the soft, silky, delicious fabric and laid my eyes on it, I knew I needed it. The saleslady told me she never has a place to wear a beautiful red gown, so she loves getting to wear one to bed. Brilliant, I thought, and I bought it. That night, I wore my new nightgown for myself. I no longer felt like Run-Down Mommy. I felt beautiful. Somehow, the nightgown made me feel like I was a woman again, not just Mommy.

For me, this is different from the sexy nighty. Don’t get me wrong; these nighties are sexy, but they are the kind meant to sleep in, not for putting on a show.

I polled my girlfriends with kids about what they wear to bed, and not one of them said a pretty nightgown. I mainly heard flannel PJ bottoms and a T. I also heard their man’s boxers. I really think this is the norm more than the exception.

At the end of the day, it is just a nightgown. But I think sometimes moms put themselves last and this can create all sorts of bad feelings and resentment. Splurging and treating myself to a beautiful nightgown reminded me of the importance of making myself feel special sometimes—a treat.

I really want this article to be about the importance of doing something special just for you, but there is an important side note. If you are feeling like Run-Down Mommy, there is a good chance that it is reflected in your appearance. It wouldn’t be a bad thing for your spouse to look at you and think, “Wow, no flannel pajamas. She looks beautiful.”


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